Studio Update July 2023

Where has July gone?

It seems like we just started the summer, and now August is on our doorsteps! That isn't to say I haven't been busy, though; I have a lot of new work to show off and I felt that returning to the blog would be the perfect way to do it. 

See a picture that you're interested in? Click it to watch a video of the process on Youtube!


This new series I’m working on started with Wild Abandon, and from there came Reckless Endangerment. I’ve got three new works in progress and I’m slowly and deliberately building layers of color. I started by distressing the edges of loose canvas with scissors and a seam ripper, creating fringe and leaving lots of loose, dangling threads-- then I started throwing paint!

Purvis Young's work has been a great source of inspiration for me lately, as I find his works on fabric fascinating with their bold, raw edges. For artists, contemporary art is all about questioning both our subjects and our materials-- I paint on canvas, but does it have to be stretched and neat to be beautiful or thought provoking?

Jackson Pollock is iconic for his paint-splatter method, and he was definitely on my mind when I realized I could create crazy, colorful patterns without ever picking up a brush. Colorful spots and lines took my eyes through the canvas and lead me to wonder which ones were created first, an almost meditative process that I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

I've been looking at some pieces coated in clear resin recently, and was really surprised by the way it made colors pop. That convinced me-- it was time to start mixing and pouring my own! 

I’ve discovered over time that I enjoy working with resin (with the windows open!), and have been very pleased with the results! When I tinted it in various shades before pouring it down sections of the canvas. The glossy finish when everything dried was exactly what those pieces needed, the raw edges of the canvas catching small, colorful, crystalline drips that made the pieces look as if they were perpetually wet.

When these two works found their forever homes, I realized I wasn’t finished with this series! The pieces that followed are beginning to take shape with spots, lines and grids in all the colors I’ve been mixing, squeezing, and throwing! As I build the layers, I’m starting to get excited for the resin that’s coming next. As I grow as an artist, I find that the evolution of this series has allowed me to realize that my past works are always inspiring my new ones.

Shapes and Lines

I’m someone who really appreciates order, logic and symmetry. There are times when the world feels out of control and I end up back at my easel, using color, shapes and lines to create structure where none exists. Alcohol markers are a great tool when I dive headfirst into geometric pieces. 

After working with paint so often, I have begun to appreciate the very strong contrast between the two mediums-- where paint has almost a mind of its own, markers (particularly alcohol markers!) are excellent teammates that are easy to work with.

I love the feel of the chisel tip up against a straight edge, and I temper it with the brush tip and the soft, easy lines it creates. I find it ironic now that I struggled with high school geometry, but can get lost in creating shapes so easily as an artist! Even in the midst of a chaotic world, regular shapes and lines bring focus and tranquility as I use them to create patterns.

The Magic of Mary Poppins

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height! I was practicing working on shapes one day when a badly-drawn diamond made me think of a kite in the air. Mary Poppins popped into my head. That fleeting thought led me to Haulover Park-- just north of where I live in Bal Harbour, Florida-- where kites are a frequent sight around the marina. I took photos and went back to the studio to sort out what story these kites were telling me. 

I thought of Mary Poppins, who brought magic to even the most ordinary things. With that in mind, I go to work creating digital kites, twisting shapes and streaming tails made from dots and colorful lines. I built the piece out with paint and alcohol markers, creating contrast and movements as the kites sailed over the ocean into the sky. For me, the magic is in the creation-- it's the realization that a botched shape can morph into a visual story, that, for me, memorialized a happy thought and a favorite childhood memory. 

If you're interested in the work I've been making, feel free to follow me on social media or send me an email-- I'd love to hear from you! Until next time... live in color!